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Anglican Beard Enthusiasts
20 entries back

Date:2005-02-09 21:57
Subject:We're headed south!
Mood: bored

To show that ABE extends beyond North America, today we’re going to feature the Rt. Rev. H. William Godfrey, Bishop of Perú.

Bearded Anglicans came to Peru with the first English and North American missionaries to travel there in the mid-19th century. Today, under the leadership of Bishop Godfrey, Bearded Anglicans can thrive in this country that is sometimes hostile to both their beards and the Anglicanism.

And not only has Willie made a difference in Peru, but he’s helped the spread beards throughout the Southern Cone. Pictured bellow, from left to right, are Tito Zavala, Kathy Biles and Colin Bazley.

Kathy is the new reader at Christ Church Cathedral, Stanley, in the Falklands, where this picture was taken. Colin is the outgoing bishop of Chile, who was replaced by our bearded friend Tito. If it were not for the lobbying of Bishop Godfrey, then the current incumbent in this bishopric would be clean-shaven. Thanks to him, we have a good, bearded bishop!

Bishop, you’ve done lots of hard work to support ABEs in the Southern Cone. To thank you, we’re awarding you the first Excellence in Anglican Beard Enthusiasm award. You would make all of us proud if pride wasn’t a sin.

Oh, and apparently God has struck down the cluster this community is hosted on. I blame Damon on this, as he’s posted men who he knows are not proper C of E on here. . .

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Date:2005-02-09 13:31
Subject:More on the Goatey Controversy
Mood: creative

Here is Rev. Kenneth Chamberlain of Cambridge, Massachusetts speaking out at the 1998 Wives of Anglican Beard Enthusiasts (W.A.B.E.) Convention against admitting goateed men into ABE.

"If they wish to be viewed as proper ABEs, they can choose to grow the rest of their beard for the LORD."

Here is a picture that The Cross and Crozier got of Nashville, Tennessee native Rev. Timothy Kline-McLaughlin in 1999, when he was asked about his forced resignation from ABE after trimming his full, lustrous beard into a goatee.

"I didn't choose to look more attractive with a goatee than a beard. The LORD made me this way, and I wish ABE could comprehend that."

In 2001, he founded the AEGEA (the Anglican/Episcopal Goatee Enthusiasts' Association) with help from Rt. Rev. Thomas Kensington. Despite their seperation from ABE, both have said in seperate interviews, that they truly want to be allowed back in ABE, but only if goateed members can enjoy the same benefits as bearded members.


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Date:2005-02-09 00:03
Subject:Hello friends!
Mood: touched

I'm a newcomer to the group and I'd like to say hello! My search is over for a group that talks about what I want to talk about! I was thinking about starting my own, but I didn't know how. I am very thankful to you both for starting a group to preserve such a grand tradition. May the Anglican Beards grow long.

~ABE from your northern neighbor

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Date:2005-02-08 01:48
Subject:Yet more history. . .
Mood: nostalgic

Since Damon has enlightened us about some of the recent controversies in ABE, I feel that it is time to go to the roots of the Anglican Beard (or Anglo-Beardic tradition), known as the Oxford Movement. This is not to be confused with the other Oxford Movement, but ours was the first. Archbishop Thomas Cranmer began the movement, as well as our church, giving us our Book of Common Prayer. Although he was educated at Cambridge and served the bishopric of Canterbury, he is best known for his involvement with Oxford. See, Oxford lit a fire within him, and he just couldn’t get it out. Cranmer fell afoul of the hideous wench Mary, who was attempting to reintroduce a foreign religion to the land after the great triumph of the break from the whore of Rome. Seeing that she could not succeed any other way, because of the flaws of her church, she decided to kill the Archbishop of Canterbury. So, he was brought to a trial at the University Church in Oxford, where he recanted his beliefs in the truth. However, after three other good C of E men were burnt at the stake, he recanted and accepted that he would be a martyr for the truth. To show how sorry he felt for betraying the Church, he placed the hand that had signed his recantation into the flames first. I bet that beard didn’t come in handy when he was burning, though!

Here’s to Thomas Cranmer, who gave his life for the Anglicans and their beards. May we remember his great sacrifice through our beards for all days to come.

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Date:2005-02-08 01:22
Subject:More History of A.B.E.
Mood: contemplative

This is Rev. Willie Stravopoulos from Ottawa, Canada. He was the founder of the first chapter of ABE in Canada in 1989. The Canadian branch of ABE now boasts 13 chapters and over 250,000 members.

And of course there's the controversy over this man:

The Rt. Rev. Thomas Kensington from Columbus, Indiana has been fighting for goatees to be recognized as beards in the ABE since the summer of 1969. Some more progressive churches have been admitting goateed members since as early as 1978, but more conservative branches have made a stand to their belief that a goatee is half a beard, if at all, and have gone as far as to bar what they call "goaties" from becoming members.


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Date:2005-02-07 17:04
Mood: enthusiastic

Hey! I'm so happy to have an outlet for my pride in being a potential A.B.E. My father and grandfather were members, and as soon as my facial hair starts coming in, I'll be a member!

I've found some more proud A.B.E.s.

This is Rev. Larry Skipper, of Northern Kentucky's St. Peter's Episcopal Church. He's here in Timbolo Wood in order to bless the clearing of the area to make way for his new ten acre church. God bless Rev. Skipper!

And of course, the most famous of all...not only the founder of the Anglican Church, but of ABE as well:

Blessings upon A.B.E.


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Date:2005-02-07 10:45
Subject:Welcome to ABE!
Mood: excited

Welcome to Anglican Beard Enthusiasts! To start the group off, I’m going to go ahead and post an early ABE of the week. This week, it’s the Rev. Dr. Forest Mobley of Immanuel Anglican Church of Destin, Florida, a missionary congregation of the Province of Rwanda. Let’s hope his beard doesn’t spark any ethnic cleansings! Congratulations, Forest, for being an ABE!

Feel free to post anything else related to the experiences of Anglicans and beards here. This community is here for you, dear ABEs and allies (A&As).

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