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The Return of the ABE blog?

Over spring break, I went to Memphis to visit a friend, and on Sunday morning, we decided to go to church. We ended up going to Calvary Church, an Episcopalian church downtown, because it didn’t like über-fundie and they had a service that was late enough for us to make. When I got there, I was in for quite a treat. Here is a picture of their clergy:

Of course, there were other ABEs at the church. And the Rector, the Rev. Dr. Andrew MacBeth, gave the homily, which extolled upon the virtues of being an ABE in it.

Calvary Church claims to be an ‘inclusive church’, which we could tell from the diverse congregation. Although many matters of inclusion among Episcopalians may revolve around race, gender, and sexual orientation (and the church was inclusive of all of these groups), Calvary is at the forefront of being inclusive of ABEs. Congratulations go out to Andrew and to Calvary Church. Keep up the good work.
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