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† Rowan Cantuar to the Rescue!

Since Damon was feeling a bit blue today, I decided to cheer him up with the red that is the Archbishop of Canterbury and ABE, Rowan Williams. But I also wanted to share the joy of Archbishop Rowan with the rest of ABE. So remember, if you feel unloved this Valentine’s Day, remember that Rowan and his beard will always love you.

Here he is blessing a Melensian child:

Here he is, writing a Valentine to you. Won’t you be his Valentine?

Doesn’t he look good in red?

Doesn’t he have such nice outfits?

But Rowan can do casual dress, as well:

Can you imagine a better bearded Archbishop of Canterbury ever?

Since there are so many pictures of this great bearded Anglican, I think I’m going to start posting a Rowan Picture of the Week as well, starting this Wednesday. So not only do you get the ABE of the week here, you get a Rowan of the Week as well. Just another reason why anglicanbeards is the best community in the world for Anglican Beard Enthusiasts!
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