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ABE of the week!

As we stand at the dawn of our second week of our online ministry here at anglicanbeards, let’s look at our acomplishments. We’re now spreading our Gospel to 7 members - that’s more than a threefold increase in our initial membership. We’re done features on 13 ABEs, 3 AGEs, and shown the dangers of being a non-bearded Anglican. Although we have made significant acompliahsments over the week, we still have a long way to go to further the cause of Anglican Beard Enthusiasts.

Anyway, onto the Anglican Beard Enthusiast of the Week. This week it’s the Rt Rev Lloyd Emmanuel Allen, D.D., Bishop of Honduras. Bishop Lloyd is spreading the dual Gospel of Anglicanism and beards to the fastest growing diocese of the Episcopal Church USA. So congratulations to Lloyd and to the members of the EC(USA) who support him and his bearded work!

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